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Velocity 2 (V2):



Base Knowledge- 

  • Model number: MF985
  • Entry-level Device 
  • Made best for 1-2 People 
  • 90-day warranty 
  • Type C charger 
  • Can handle up to 10 devices, recommend 5   

The Velocity 2 is best for travel, it is not meant to be plugged in constantly. The Battery will swell if the Velocity 2 is left plugged into the wall charger at all times. Velocity 2 has a few common issues with easy troubleshooting steps. Customers do not believe there is a SIM card installed. However, the SIM card is pre-installed into the device for customer convenience.  

Steps to take to find the Sim card: At the bottom-right side of the device beside the charging port, you should see a slot with a little hole next to it. You will need a safety/bobby pin to press the release button inside that little hole. Once you do that, a tray will pop out. That tray holds your SIM card (and also an optional micro-SD card, if you would like). 

How to factory reset:

1.From the home screen, tap Settings.

2.Scroll to, then tap Factory reset.

3.Tap Reset Device.

4.Tap OK.

If you cannot reset the device via the Settings, open the SIM card cover, and use a paperclip to press the reset button in for 10 seconds.



How to Update software 

Here is how you make sure the device is updated! To update the software on a V2 1.Make sure your device is turned on and connected to the network. 2.From the Home screen, tap Settings > AT&T Software update > Check for update. 3.Follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the update. The device automatically restarts once the new software successfully installs.

Velocity 2 APN Settings:  

Connect your laptop or phone to your Velocity 2. Once connected pull up a web browser and type 

Once you have that site up you will type in "attadmin" to log in to the site. (If this does not work please perform a factory reset on the device.) 

Click Settings>Click Network 


Click APN 


Click the Radio button Beside "Manual" > Place your cursor in the Profile Name and type in OTR Mobile > Then you will type the APN corresponding with the plan into the APN Field. (Please See guide below for APN settings below last image.)



200 GB plan only: APN: hotspot.accessmylan.net PDP TYPE: IPV4 Authentication: PAP > USER: "data" Password: "data" Then proceed to click the "Set Default" button   

APN: Verify plan code for correct APN settings here in Knowledge Base the article is titled Plan Codes and APNS-