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-How many devices can connect to the V4 at one time? (A) The V4 supports 32 devices connected over wireless and has one Ethernet port located on the back.

-How to set up your V4 for the first time- (A) 1. Plug power adapter into modem, then plug into wall socket 2. Wait 30 seconds for the modem to boot up. Check lights to make sure they are appropriately lit 3. When the modem has fully powered-on, it’s ready to go. Simply search for the network name in your wifi settings on your device enter the password and you are now connected! 

-Is it portable? (A) The device is not portable and has to remain plugged in to operate.

-What do the symbols on the front display when lit up? (A)-


-What is included with the V4- (A) 

  1. The V4 Device
  2. Common household power adapter 
  3. 2X External Antennas
  4. Includes high quality Ethernet Cable (CAT6) 
  5. 1 year warranty on New V4 devices

-What features does the V4 have to make it a customer best choice? (A)

  • Internal and External LTE antenna. 
  • GUI controls to limit access per local device connected. 
  • 12V1A DC. (Power port)
  • Rugged black housing to provide support of internal components. 

-What carriers does the V4 work on? (A)- The V4 is compatiable with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile!

-Does the V4 come with a warranty? (A)- Yes a new V4 comes with a 1 year warranty!

-Where can I find the password to my device? (A)- On the bottom of the device there is a label that lists 

  • Model No.
  • AC Power: 12V/1A
  • Web IP:
  • Username (FOR WEB IP LOGIN)- admin
  • Password (FOR WEB IP LOGIN)- admin
  • SSID
  • WIFI KEY(PASSWORD)- 1234567890
  • Serial Number and MAC

-How do I factory reset the V4? (A)- Located on the back of the device there is a reset button. Insert a paperclip or similar item and hold for 15 seconds. The display will restart if done properly.

Where is the IMEI on the V4? (A)- 

  1. Connect a phone/tablet/computer to your Hotspot
  2. Enter the Web IP found on the label located on the bottom of the device( V4)(Dynami V4 default password is admin  
  3. The IMEI is located under status information as serial number

You can change the number of devices that can connect to the V4 under WiFi Settings-


What if I cannot find the network name printed on the V4?

If the Network name(SSID) that is printed on the label on the bottom of the V4 is not showing up in the wifi connections it is possible the Network name is different

It can either be 4GAS######### or Dynami_########### 

password will still be 1234567890