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Teltonika Firmware Update


How to update the firmware of Teltonika Networks Device

 Following actions must be taken manually:

  • Download corresponding firmware for your device by clicking the link below. Once you have clicked the link below you will choose the firmware option that is labeled  

RUTX11RUTX111*****Quectel EG06-AEG06ALAR02A07M4G 


To access the RUTX11 setup page connect to ethernet or wifi and enter in the search bar of your web browser.

  • Password will be admin01 and will need to be changed the first time you access this page


  • In the WebUI, navigate to System > Firmware and upload the downloaded firmware.

Click Browse then upload the new file that you downloaded from the previous link. 

Once you have uploaded the firmware to your computer - initiate the upgrade/update process and give your device some time to finish it.


What do I need to know about this firmware update?

  • LTE Modem firmware flashing duration is around 15-30 minutes
  • Do not turn off the device
  • During LTE Modem firmware flash normal functionality of the Teltonika Networks device will be impaired:
    • No Mobile Data connection, SMS, call functions;
    • Possible WebUI issues;
  • If update has failed, LTE Modem firmware download and reflash procedure will start again at next power cycle for RUTOS, and on network / modem restart for Legacy firmware devices.