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RutX11 APN Settings for Blue Evo

How to access the internal settings of a Teltonika device (RutX11)

  1. Connect to the RUTX11 using either wireless or Ethernet connection.
  2. Factory reset the device (if needed) by holding the reset button on the device for 10 seconds. The device will then reboot.
  3. Go to
  4. Default Username: admin/ Default Password: admin01
  5. It will make you change the password, so you will need to factory reset the device if this does not work.  
  1. While logged into the device's internal settings go to Network>WAN
  2. MOB1S1A1 is SIM 1- MOB1S2A1 is SIM 2
  3. Click the Pencil Icon on the SIM you need to change the APN
  1. Toggle off Auto APN
  2. Click the APN drop-down menu and select custom 
  3. Enter vpn.accessmylan.net
  4. PDP Type: IPV4/V6
  5. Power off your device for a full 60 seconds, then power back on and test your connection.