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PEPWAVE Settings


Please have SIM in and device on. Then complete a factory reset.

1. Start a web browser on a computer that is connected with the Pepwave router through the LAN. 

2. To connect to the router’s web admin interface, enter the following LAN IP address in the address field of the web browser: (This is the default LAN IP address for Pepwave routers.) 

3. Enter the following to access the web admin interface. Username: admin/Password: admin (This is the default username and password for Pepwave routers. The admin and read-only user passwords can be changed at System>Admin Security.)  

Go to Network > WAN > Mobile Internet.


By default, Auto is selected and Peplink Balance should automatically detect the APN, configure the modem, and make a connection.


To change settings, select Custom Mobile Operator Settings, and the following fields will be available.

APN – Please See Plan Code Knowledge Base for Correct APN Settings
Login ID – data
Password – data
Dial Number – NONE do not put anything here. 

Make sure you save or apply
Then power off the Pepwave for 2 minutes.