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Netgear Nighthawk/MR1100 APN Settings Pink Evo

How to factory reset:

  • Remove the back of the Nighthawk, follow the arrows.
  • Push a small object into the hole below the battery and hold for 10-15 seconds. (Picture on the left show)
  • The Nighthawk will completely power off, then restart itself. Once it powers on, you can connect and test.


Setting the Apn:

  1. On a device connected to your hotspot, open a browser and enter http://attwifimanager or in the address field to go to the AT&T Wi-Fi Manager.
  • Enter the login. (The default login is "attadmin".)
  1. Go to advanced settings
  2. Go to cellular
  3. add APN
  4. Enter the information below in the fields as follows:

Profile Name: OTR Mobile

APN: b2b.static OR broadband (*make sure it is all lowercase) 


Authentication: PAP

Username: Leave Blank 

Password: Leave Blank 

save/ apply the settings

Make sure that you select the new updated APN as "Active" 

*Band Region- This should be set to "LTE All

Power your device off for a full 60 seconds then power back on and test your connection. 

Netgear APP Instructions