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Mofi 4500 APN Settings for Pink Evo

  •  Login to your settings on your Mofi 4500
  • Enter in URL Field on web browser: or
  • Password: admin
  • Once logged in you will then click “Advanced” in the top right-hand corner  
  • You will then click Network on the left-hand side of the page  

Click on “Press here to RESET the Sierra Module then Press Save 

  • The Mofi will let you know that the RESET is completed. Once completed, please power down your device for 30 seconds. 
  • Please follow step 1 & 2 again  
  • Your Internal Module Setup should look like this below  


  • Click here for customer APN 
  • Access Point Name(APN): broadband (Case Sensitive) *If broadband does not work please try typing b2b.static in the APN field* 
  • PAP/CHAP username: Leave blank 
  • PAP/CHAP password: Leave blank
  • Authentication: PAP
  • Then Click Save