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LB1120 & LB1121 APN Settings for Pink Evo

How to change the APN settings on the LB1120

  1. First, you must make sure the device is powered on and you will need a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. If using a phone please make sure you turn off your cellular data *(This works best if you are connected via Ethernet
  2. Make sure you are only connected to the LB1120's network
  3. In the address field of your browser, enter

Then follow these steps once you have the admin page pulled up   



Fill in this information below in the empty fields:

  1. Name: OTR Mobile 
  2. APN: broadband (Case Sensitive) *If broadband does not work please try b2b.static OR epc.tmobile.com
  3. Authentication: PAP
  4. PDP: IPV4
  5. PDP Roaming: None