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HomeBase APN

  • The customer is connected to the Homebase through the WiFi name and password. You are able to connect to the WiFi signal without an internet connection only to access the Admin page.
  • Once connected to the Homebase, direct the customer to the admin page below: http://att.wirelessinternet/
  • The login password is "attadmin"
  • Once on the admin page, go to settings.
  • Click the Network settings tab, the APN will be just below.
  • Hit the add button, then the following must be typed exactly.
  • Profile Name: "OTR Mobile"
  • APN: Verify Plan Code and reference the Plan codes and APN's article in Knowledge base 
  • Click: Set default
  • Restart the Homebase, once power back on the lights all should be Green. 

*If you could not access the settings with the instructions above please try the steps below*

How to solve APN settings: (Version 2: "ZTE Logo")

(ZTE Homebase MF279) Launch a web browser from a device that is connected to the modem. The device can be a computer that is directly connected to the modem or a client from a router that is ONLY connected to the modem. Regardless if there is a connection or not. If you use a cellphone you must turn the cellular data off and connect to the modem as the wifi source. Connection or not. Or connect with the Ethernet cord provided in the packaging. 

Once you are connected to the hotspot you will need to pull up a web browser and type 


This will bring up the settings of the device

You will type in admin for the password

You will then click settings in the middle of the screen

Click APN

 5.Click the radio button beside β€œManual

6. This will allow you to update the APN settings after clicking add new

Profile Name: OTR Mobile 

APN: Verify Plan Code and reference the Plan codes and APN's article in Knowledge base 

7. Click Set Default 

8. Power the device off for at least 60 seconds.