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HomeBase APN Settings for Pink Evo

  • First, connect to the Homebase through the WiFi name and password. You are able to connect to the WiFi signal without an internet connection only to access the Admin page.
  • Once connected to the Homebase, pull up your web browser and type the address below:att.wirelessinternet
  • The login password is "attadmin"
  • Once on the admin page, go to settings.
  • Click the Network settings tab, the APN will be just below.
  • Hit the add button, then the following must be typed exactly.
  • Profile Name: "OTR Mobile"
  • APN: b2b.static (If this doesn't work please try broadband OR epc.tmobile.com
  • PDP type: IPV4
  • Authentication: PAP
  • Username- leave blank 
  • Password- leave blank 
  • Click: Set default/Save
  • Restart the Homebase, once the power is back on the lights all should be Green.  

*If you could not access the settings with the instructions above please try the steps below*

(ZTE Homebase MF279) Launch a web browser from a device that is connected to the modem. The device can be a computer that is directly connected to the modem or a client from a router that is ONLY connected to the modem. 

Once you are connected to the hotspot you will need to pull up a web browser and type 


You will type in admin for the password. 

Once you have entered the password you will click on the Settings option under Wi-Fi.


Click APN


Click the radio button beside β€œManual" 


This screen will allow you to update the APN settings these are case sensitive 

  • Profile Name: OTR Mobile 
  • APN: b2b.static *(if the broadband APN does not work please try broadband)
  • Authentication: PAP
  • Username: Leave blank
  • Password: Leave blank 
  • PDP Type:IPV4
  • Click Set Default 
  • Power the device off for at least 60 seconds. 

If a message saying "The setting can only be changed when the modem is disconnected." appears and it does not let you Set the new APN as Default, 

  • Go back to the main dashboard
  •  turn off the 4G switch under section 2 
  • Go back to the APN settings and then add the new APN and click on Set as Default. Once done, turn the 4G switch on and restart your Homebase device.