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Beam APN Settings for Blue Evo

  • Factory Reset 

You will need to hold the reset button down for a full 10 seconds or until the lights on the device go off. Once the device resets it will display 2 blue lights on the 5.8G & the 2.4G lights on the device.   


Once your Beam is back on your will need to connect to the device with a computer, laptop, or tablet and pull up a web browser. 

Type into the URL field of a web browser then press enter. 

It will bring you here: USER NAME: admin PASSWORD: admin then click login  


Manually Change APN -

  • Click on network settings than 4G Internet 
  • Turn on APN Manual switch 
  • Click the Blue + on this screen to update your settings. 
  • Enter name as OTR Mobile click confirm
  • In the APN field enter vpn.accessmylan.net
  • PDP Type: IPV4/V6
  • Authentication: PAP 
  • User Name: data
  • Password: data

Power down your device for 60 seconds, then power back on and test your connection.